A Helping Hand When You’re Hurt

I am passionate about representing injured workers. Workers’ compensation has been my primary focus for over 30 years. If you were hurt on the job and can’t work, you can count on me to aggressively and ethically fight for your rights and your full benefits. I handle work injury cases throughout the entire state of Wisconsin.

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Worker’s Compensation Statewide In Wisconsin

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I Work Hard For You And Your Family

Growing up, I witnessed my father working long, hard hours in his plumbing business. He taught me the importance of a strong work ethic and attention to detail. I also learned an appreciation for working-class people – the hazards they face on the job and the wear and tear on their bodies.

As your worker’s compensation lawyer, I will aggressively assert your interests in a system that is stacked against employees. I offer skilled and ethical advocacy for every stage of the process, from appealing a denied claim to fighting the termination of your benefits.

Sometimes The Job Itself Causes Injury

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Over 30 Years Of Representing Wisconsin Workers

I Will Personally Handle Your Case