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Common Workplace Injuries

Worker’s Compensation For
Workplace Injuries And Accidents

If you were injured on the job and can’t work, your employer is obligated to cover your lost wages, compensate you for any permanent disability and pay your medical expenses. If your injuries are severe, you may be entitled to additional disability benefits, including but not limited to vocational loss benefits.

Your rights on paper do not always translate to reality. Employers and their insurers may delay or deny you worker’s compensation benefits or otherwise treat you poorly after a work injury. The Law Office of Lisa A. Wiebusch LLC is on your side. I have been fighting for injured workers in Wisconsin for 30 years.

Experience With Every Type Of Injury

I have seen it all in three decades of practice as a worker’s compensation attorney, from common injuries that heal to life-changing disabilities:

Broken bones and fractures

Knee and shoulder injuries

Lower back injuries

Head trauma/brain injury

Spinal cord injury and paralysis

Amputation or loss of use of a limb

Loss of eyesight

Burns (heat, chemical or electrical)


Proper medical care is crucial to your maximum recovery, and medical documentation is critical to your worker’s comp claim. If you get pushback from the employer or insurer, I can step in to appeal your denied claim or fight for the benefits and medical treatments you need.

See my Frequently Asked Questions page. Also see Occupational Disease page (injuries that develop over time from working conditions).

What Work Activities Are Covered?

Virtually any injury or illness is covered by worker’s compensation if we can prove it is job-related. Any on-the-job accident or injury is covered, even if your own carelessness played a role. Common workplace accidents include falls from heights, slipping or tripping, injuries from power tools or machinery, falling or flying objects, fires and explosions, and electrical shock.


You may be covered for injuries that occur away from your office or workplace. For example, if you are hurt in a vehicle crash while making deliveries, running work errands or traveling between job sites, you have a worker’s compensation claim. You are also covered if you are injured in the parking lot or on company grounds before or after your shift.

What’s not covered?

Horseplay or willful safety violations may nullify your claim. If you are injured on the way to or from work, that is not a worker’s comp claim. Injuries from recreational activities are not covered, unless it is an employer-sponsored event such as a company picnic. There are some gray areas in the law. If there is any doubt about whether you can claim worker’s compensation, please call me!

A Helping Hand When You’re Hurt

I handle worker’s comp cases throughout the state of Wisconsin. Call my Wausau office at 715-298-2244 to arrange a free consultation or use the online form to tell me a few details. This is all I do, and I will give you the compassionate and attentive care you deserve.

Law Office of Lisa A. Wiebusch LLC

Call my Wausau law office at 715-298-2244 or email me. I represent injured workers in any occupation and statewide.

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