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Occupational Disease / Repetitive Stress Claims

When The Job Itself Causes
Injury Or Illness

There is not always a specific accident or incident you can point to. Everyday job duties and working conditions can take a toll over time, developing into a disabling injury or serious illness.


These injuries, known as occupational diseases, are covered by worker’s compensation. But it can be tricky to prove that your ailments are work-related. Employers and their insurers are often skeptical or downright hostile to such claims.


I am worker’s compensation attorney Law Office of Lisa A. Wiebusch LLC. I have helped workers across Wisconsin qualify for wage benefits and permanent disability benefits for overuse injuries and other occupational disease claims.

Occupational Disease And Repetitive Stress Injuries

The Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Division defines occupational disease as a physical or mental condition caused by an appreciable period of work exposure over a period of time. Examples include:

Carpal tunnel syndrome

from repetitive hand motions

Herniated discs and spinal injuries

from repeated lifting, bending and twisting

Shoulder joint damage

from overuse or repetitive overhead reaching

Hearing damage

from long-term exposure to workplace noise

Lung ailments

such as silicosis, mesothelioma or COPD from toxic fumes, fibers or dust


(skin conditions) from chemical irritants

Such injuries and illness can be painful and debilitating. Under worker’s compensation, you are entitled to medical and wage benefits the same as any work injury.

The Labor Shortage Is Literally Hurting Workers

It’s no coincidence that occupational disease claims and other job injuries have surged at a time when we see so many “We’re Hiring” signs. Staffing shortages create safety hazards and added physical strain on workers who are covering shifts, working longer hours or doing other people’s jobs.
Their bodies pay the price and then – adding insult to injury – their worker’s compensation claims are denied as “not work-related” or “insufficient medical evidence.” That’s where the Law Office of Lisa A. Wiebusch LLC comes in. With 30 years of focused experience, I know how to fight for my clients in hearings to secure their benefits and maximize their recovery.

Did Your Work Injury Develop Gradually?

If you think you have an occupational disease claim or if your claim has already been denied, call my Wausau office at 715-298-2244 or email me. I handle worker’s compensation cases statewide in Wisconsin, starting with a free initial consultation.

Law Office of Lisa A. Wiebusch LLC

Call my Wausau law office at 715-298-2244 or email me. I represent injured workers in any occupation and statewide.

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